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Letting services to owners


Atholl Sporting was established in Spring 2014 as we felt  the existing letting agency business had become too dependent on charging fees either on both sides of the let or at levels of commission which frankly are too high given the technology now available.  We, as anglers ourselves, know from experience that the days of glossy brochure mailings are fast coming to an end.

With the increasing use of the internet and all that that can provide regarding details of fishing, anglers now find the need to read about a beat in a brochure obsolete.  In fact, one has to question whether a regular tenant needs to be bothered with a brochure at all.

With Iain’s experience as CEO of FishPal and having been the main point of contact for all lettings through Tweed Salmon Fishings for the seven years to 2012, we feel Atholl Sporting have the depth and experience to offer a seamless transition of your lettings business.


As part of our service we contact each current season’s tenants offering them the opportunity to take the same fishing in the following season subject to owner’s preferences, with the caveat that whole beat / week bookings take precedence.

If we were unable to let the fishing directly we take advantage of our extensive contat list and the various web sites available to let fishings.

We are currently developing our own proprietary booking engine which would allow anglers to book fishing directly with us for no additional charges, save card fees

Ghillie Liasion

As part of the service we liaise with the ghillies on a continuous basis advising of new lets and also acting as their point of contact to address issues such as rods failing to arrive, dispute resolution etc

We also visit beats on a regular basis to have face to face meetings with the ghillies in order to address any issues with the booking process.

Other services

Where clients wish we would attend meetings on their behalf as observers or as proxy.

We would act as liaison with the District Salmon Fishery Board in relation to annual reporting of catch statistics etc.



The beat(s) appear on the Atholl Sporting web site and we actively engage with the media to encourage promotion of the beat.  

It is our intention to attend major game fairs to promote our beats.


Atholl Sporting do not charge any flat nor retainer fee for our services.  We simply operate on a commission  on each successful booking, at a rate which we are confident is significantly less than that charged by other agents with large overheads.

At present Atholl Sporting are not VAT registered so there is at the time of writing no VAT applicable on this rate.


 Management Services

Atholl Sporting also offer full management services to beats in handling payroll, book-keeping, arranging insurance etc. and we would be delighted to dicuss this service in detail with interested owners to design a bespoke package for your beat(s)

The team at Atholl Sporting would be happy to answer any questions you may have or try and source source availability or itineraries which will fulfil your precise requirements.

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